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May 04, 2011



If no one is home, firefighters will knock down the door and go in and call the police. The police will then hang out and try to contact the home owner or until the house can be secured. This happened to our neighbor in Newton who lived in the same apartment building.


You might want to schedule a cleaning of the smoke alarm that is directly linked to the security company. Ours, an ADT unit, is larger than a normal smoke alarm, and hard wired to the ceiling. It's at the bottom of the stairs to the 2nd floor, and despite its distance from the kitchen, over the years every time it got a little dirty (literally, just with accumulated dust), and we'd cook anything even the tiniest bit smoky, it would go off. (The kicker was one New Year's Eve party when the fire in our fireplace set it off, and the fire trucks came. We felt awful.) Finally, a helpful ADT person suggested it could just be dirty and sending "wrong" signals--which may be the case with yours (since you weren't cooking at the time, I presume?) You might want to give them a call back and see if this might be a reason for your false alarm.


I know little about such things except to suggest a faulty or dirty detector (especially in the kitchen) or a radon or other "gas" type of detector that may be part of the system.

My other thoughts are: 1) You clearly keep a calm head in an emergency and I want you on my team if something happens (like a Zombie breakout) 2) Andy is a good dad and husband for immediately returning. 3) I don't understand what folks do who have eradicated their home "land" line and now rely exclusively on an IP/Internet phone and cell phones. Do they have no home alarm?


I echo the comments about cleaning. We had a brief spell last year of our house fire alarm(s) going off inexplicably. We cleaned and/or replaced the one we think triggered it. Never had a problem again.

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