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July 14, 2011



I'm glad Ann Patchett's new book is good and look forward to reading it. She's one of my fav authors, but I was disappointed by her last book, Run. Thanks for the review!


i also did not like lorrie moore's book, which is sad because i loved her earlier ones. Lionel Shriver also wrote a book called "We Have to Talk About Kevin" (being made into a movie) that I thought was excellent, so I was also disappointed by her latest as well. I just got State of Wonder and am excited to read it now based on your review, Bel Canto one of my all-time favorites along with Dad by William Wharton and Mark Helprin's book Winter's Tale.


I completely agree with your assessment of A Gate at the Stairs. Lorrie Moore is so funny and such a wonderful short story writer, but I don't think I'll try another of her novels. So glad to hear Patchett is back on track with her new book.

Jen Jones

I just finished the book too! Strange. Nothing is resolved and there are way too many twists in the plot. The casket scene. Ick. The rest stop scenario. Who does that? The so-called "Brazilian" boyfriend. Strange. I can't even think about the poor little girl. Yikes. The best line in the whole book is on the last page.

The next book I have picked up is also proving to be disappointing. The main character's children are named Charlie, Lucy and Linus. Silly. They go to bed at 7:30 p.m. -- after the parents return from work at 6:30 every night. I can't decide if I will keep reading this book.

Another friend recommended the new Ann Patchett book, it is off to the library I go.

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