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July 25, 2011



Once again, I want to be one of your children! What fun! But I agree with you about the "gun" thing. We used to play laser tag (though, I was in college!) after hours at an office building. It was great fun, and the guns were very "Buckaroo Banzai." Plus, we wore cylon-looking LED targets. It in no way felt like we were trying to kill each other.

I hope the kids got to do some pottery as part of their arts and crafts. If not, a local pottery studio may be a lovely place for them to spend some time. I'm just sayin....


I also meant to mention that Cliff's mother paddle boards in Palm Beach. I think she learned to do it in the Virgin Islands. It's a big thing down there...


What is the Extreme Sports camp? My boys would *love* it!

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