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July 18, 2011



I actually saw a Hawaii license plate in this area not long ago. (I'm wondering if it was on our trip to New Hampshire.) So you never know!


We have License plate bingo in our car. . . a map of the states and each one has a plate that you flip over when you see it. It is a Melissa and Doug game. We have one for each kid.

And BTW, while in RI yesterday we saw an Alaska plate!

Sharon Heinrichs

Hey there! I followed you daily years ago and when our computer died, we were without for a while, long enough for me to forget how to find you!

I've tried various ways over the last few months, and suddenly I had a brain wave and found you again!! I'm glad all is still well with you and family, it'll be nice catching up again!!


Forth grade was when I first said I was going to be a mapmaker when I grew up(I didn't the word cartographer yet). I didn't know they would actually hold me to it!

Seth Lipkin

I may have to lend you my Roadside Geology of [state name] books....


Toll booths, specifically the Hampton and York ones, area great places to spot the plates. Husband and I have a license plate wheel in the car and we have filled in almost all except Hawaii, Mississippi and a few odd ones like Idaho and one of the Dakotas. For a long time we assumed people from West Virginia never left home, but we finally spotted one.
Our rule is we must be together to count the plate.


We live in far, far northern CA, and the kids did this a couple years ago. We actually found every single state plate, as well as some Canadian ones, within a couple months, EXCEPT for Delaware. We still sort of keep an eye out, but have not seen a Delaware plate in this area!


OY, that Fifty Nifty song. I still have nightmares of the singing teacher. She was VERY peppy.

Trick about license plates? Drive around BC, BU and Harvard/MIT and you'll fill in that map fast, including Alaska and Hawaii.

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