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August 31, 2011



Do I see a typo? Meatles? Get an editor, stat!


Yes, typo fixed, thanks! (I had been so concerned with figuring out how to make the "Monday" look deleted that I missed that last "s"!)


Congratulations, Karen, you did it! ;)

I do find you need more spices when using that faux meat stuff. Now, next time make it with cubes of eggplant and Chickie will give you a gold star!


And ... Andy will give me a lump of coal because he hates eggplant. :-(


I can't get past the idea of this fake meat stuff. I don't mind going meatless, but I'd rather stick to recipes that don't require me to use something that pretends to be meat, but isn't. Is that so wrong?


I tried fake meat twice in two weeks -- and had never had it before. I don't think of it as trying to fake me out as meat, but rather as protein and texture in a dish. I would never eat, say, a soy hot dog in a roll.

Lori S.

I made your recipe (sans spinach) tonight for the boys and they loved it. Because we have a kosher-style home (no milk and meat), I use fake meat all the time. I have a great "turkey" chili recipe that I can send to you.

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