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August 08, 2011


Tonya Watkins

Yum! Sounds GREAT!!


This year my older daughter Molly gave up meat for lent and then decided to keep going. She's been home since early May and we eat vegetarian meals most nights - the others are sometimes less than thrilled but we've managed. I added this recipe to my file. I went through all my clipped recipes this weekend, and had at least ten from Verbatim - keep them coming (especially the meatless kind!!)


Because Cliff and I are such protein hounds, we eat a lot of chicken and turkey. I have never been a fan of fish. Having said that, I have started incorporating fish into our meals about once per week. Now that I have discovered halibut fillets, it's become easy and (mostly) delicious. A little lime, basil and olive oil, 15 minutes in a 400-deg oven, and voila! Sometimes I make it (wait for it...) just for a hal-i-but.

I can't recall: are you a fan of quinoa? It's basically a super food and will take on the flavor of anything you add to it, such as lime and olive oil. I love it for its high protein content and versatility.

No spices are added to the cornstarch?

John Monday

Interested in getting free Meatless Monday recipes sent to you by the Humane Society of the U.S.? Click the link to find out how!

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