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August 03, 2011



I just finished up "The Devil in the White City" as well. I picked it up on Cape Cod as a beach read, but unlike you, I was very drawn to the subject matter, especially the Columbian Exposition. Larson was able to move back and forth among the various threads easily, so there were no jarring transitions from the tales of the fair to the story of the killings. I grew up on the edge of the Frederick Law Olmsted designed Delaware Park in Buffalo, so I was especially drawn to that depiction. I'd definitely read another of Larsons's books


I've read "This Is Where I Leave You" as well and I enjoyed it very much.


I LOVED The Devil in the White City! I also read Thunderstruck by Larson which wasn't as good but was still a decent read.

I am currently reading Vive la Revolution by Mark Steel which is also laugh-out-loud funny at times, as well as a great overview of the history of the French revolution.


We read Devil a while ago for book group - I liked it but most of book group didn't enjoy it as much. I liked your review of This Is Where I Leave You so I downloaded that - can't wait to read it. Trying to get through A Visit From the Goon Squad - I like it but can't really get into it.


Loved both of those books. I have also read Larson's Isaac's storm about the hurricane that devastated Galveston in the early 1900s. Since I've been living in hurricane land for the last 20 something years, it was really interesting.

One of my favorite lines from This is Where I Leave You was, "You could fill an airlift to Africa with all the food generated by one dead Jew." So funny. So true!

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