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October 24, 2011



Thanks Karen! That was a great set of links.


:-) I probably am in the library 3 times a week. I volunteer at the senior library and then other days I'm picking up reserved books or taking back the read (and unread) books. Love the library!!


Karen, do comments here count for the Blockbuster giveaway?
If they aren't all gone, I'll report that we watched The Green Lantern last night. My kids liked it, I only marveled at how freakish Ryan Reynolds' thighs looked...while working out for the character, I believe he may have over-focused on that particular area.
They should have redirected some of that energy to the script.


I liked that good ol' breast cancer vid, but was sad to see NO CHEST HAIR on any of the fellas, even the only age-appropriate one. The amount of paraffin going to waste on those guys . . .

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