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October 19, 2011



We watched "Arranged" on DVD last weekend. It's an independent film about a Muslim woman and an Orthodox Jewish woman who become friends and share their experiences of arranged marriages. It was a little simplistic and stereo-typey, but kept our interest. I wouldn't recommend it though with so many other great films to watch.


The last couple of movies we've gotten via netflix have been Jim Gaffigan shows...the last thing we saw in a theater?oh wow...It might be the last Harry Potter movie.


We saw "Moneyball" this past Saturday, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's the story of how Billy Beane, GM of the Oakland A's, turned the team around by signing players based on statistical analysis of their hitting skills, rather than relying on traditional scouting reports. I loved Brad Pitt in the Billy Beane role, Jonah Hill as the nerdy, number-crunching assistant GM,and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the skeptical manager.


I re-watched Forrest Gump by accident last weekend just because I turned the TV on and there it was. I had forgotten a lot about the movie and found it a little TOO everything but watched it anyway.


The last movie I saw was the original Poltergeist, which I watched last night on-demand. It was pretty dated, not very scary and it seemed to have some editing issues because characters would just appear with no real introduction.

But I remember when I first saw it, I screamed like the little kid I was. And it has a nostalgia that I appreciate.


Well, this worked out well -- I have 5 codes and 5 commenters! You all win.

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