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November 06, 2011



You can't go wrong sprinkling a little chopped parsley on just before serving. I find it really brightens up a bowl of homemade chicken soup.

Kelly W

Will have to try this - Jack could eat chicken noodle soup every single meal!


Oh oh my my. Why are you in Boston where I cannot eat your food?


I'm with Deborah. But I'm on a diet right now... and your baked ziti keeps popping into my head. Stupid delicious pasta.


I made the soup yesterday. It was delicious, and as a bonus, the house smelled awesome! I'm having it again for lunch. My daughter's favorite meal is that baked ziti. Keep those recipes coming!


I made the soup again this weekend! This time with a less herby chicken, and it was even better.

The baked ziti (known as "that crispy noodle thing" around here) is probably my kids' #1 requested meal. And with our new Meatless Monday campaign, I've done it with fake meat crumbles and it's still just as good, so even your veg. daughter can enjoy it

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