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November 03, 2011



I like Jacques Pepin and have watched many of his shows on PBS, but i have a teeny nagging feeling that, at times, he was a bit condescending to Julia Child when they did their show together. Maybe it's just me.


Really??? I always got the sense that he had the utmost admiration and respect for her, and in fact that they were great friends and could kid each other freely.


Thank you for reminding me of this charming and talented chef. I've always really liked him but haven't thought about him in a long time. You've got me searching the web for his recipes. I can't wait to get the new book!


I think he and Julia were great friends; he liked to josh her about her uninhibited use of butter. I remember one show where they both made a potato galette and she was sloshing the ol' melted butter on, and he kept eyeing her askance, in a rather theatrical manner. I thought it was very sweet, and she took it in the spirit intended. I want that book!

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