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December 21, 2011



I have multiple ear holes (3 in 1 ear, 1 in the other). Although I was in my early 20's when I went for the multiples. Life has still been good for me. :)

Happy Holidays to all of you, and I hope Andy continues to recover as speedily as possible!


I got one extra hole in my left ear when I was a college freshman, but it has long since closed up. Steph could have asked for something a lot worse than this, so I won't complain. ;)


oy! hope my rachel doesnt hear this! but, then maybe if it is ok with you i should rethink the whole hole thing. she already has one in each ear lobe and an upper cartilage hole thingy that gives me the creeeps! oy! could be worse i guess.


My daughter (who turned 15 last month) has been asking me to let her get a second set of holes in her ears. Maybe I should reconsider. After all, Hanukkah's not over yet!


Yeah, the upper cartilage thingy creeps me out too! I'm not sure why.


In my experience they let them close up after the novelty wears off. BTW, we made the awesome ziti with those wierd protein soy crumbles like you suggested for the vegetarian college student and no one noticed! Great advice!


Oy is right! I didn't let my daughter get a "second hole" until she turned 18. I sort of like it now, though!

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