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December 13, 2011



I am glad to hear that Andy is doing a bit better. Still sounds awful, though. In other news, it is my personal opinion that both "drink" and "leave" are transitive verbs. Never heard of a comma splice before, I live and learn.


Oh god, I am going to steal the banana book post. I practically spat coffee into my keyboard, so convulsed with laughter (the salting-the-ground-where-it-stood line was what did me in) was I. Thanks, Karen, good score!


Glad to hear that Andy is making progress. I have been wondering how he was doing.

Catherine @ Nitpickers' Nook

I enjoy a good Pantone sighting too! Have you seen this one: http://blog.oliverphillips91.co.uk/post/13871044680/pantone-rubiks-cube? Cheers!

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