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January 22, 2012



I'm also a huge fan of "black." Both using it as a descriptor of skin color and also the people who have it. :)

An old, old friend once got me into the habit. I used to call her my "Tahitian Treat." (Ahem.) But once when I referred to her as African American she said "black" is preferable.

Still, if someone prefers African American, they can say so--and then I'll do that for them.


Yep, I forgot to mention that part: Describe people as they would like to be described! But in the absence of knowing for sure, you're safest describing someone with black skin as black rather than as African-American. And I think you could possibly get punched for calling a stranger "My Tahitian Treat"! ;)


You have to subscribe to HD for each flat screen TV in your house? I think we just subscribe & it's HD on every HD-ready (?) TV we own.


It wasn't until I hired a guy from Nigeria that I even considered that there are multiple, distinct countries in Africa!

I have no doubt those guys really appreciated that an American had any conception of where they're from.

I've also found that some White Americans are "uncomfortable" referring to someone as Black - as though they will offend them. Living in Atlanta, which is 50% Black, has exposed me a to a lot about race in America.

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