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January 09, 2012



Saw The Muppet Movie. It was on par with past films. I did really enjoy being reunited with my Muppet pals on screen, but Piggy's voice was off, which I had a hard time getting past.

You used two of my favorite words - inscrutable and douchebag.


Crazy Heart was a great flick, and hey! It had Ryan Bingham in the bar scene, who frankly doesn't need Jeff Bridges around to help with the vocals (much as I enjoyed JB and his vocals). I sort of felt that the ending was a bit hard to swallow, but hey, I get it! It's Hollywood! The Dude lives.

You've seen The Descendants? If not, run, don't walk, and see it. You can almost forget it's the impossibly handsome and charming George Clooney, it's so good. The kid actors are just terrific, too; in fact, it's awfully well-cast.


+1 to Wendy's suggestion. "The Descendants" is worth seeing on the big screen, and the soundtrack--all Hawaiian music--is divine. And I say that as someone who usually wants to eliminate all soundtracks everywhere.


I thought I would hate Tropic Thunder but I laughed so hard I cried.

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