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March 27, 2012



I'd have bought her another pair, too (even though I have to say, I think they're sort of ugly -- but keep that to yourself). You already stood on principle, and now you're simply offering solace after some creep did her a dirty. Anyhow, that's my 2 cents. And I hope she keeps her eyes on the feet of her fellow students.

Sorry about the Avetts. I am seeing them in June! Which I tell you not to rub it in, but to let you know that I understand the sacrifice.


I think you did the right thing.

FYI - I have my own pair of red Toms. I don't think they are flimsy! They are really comfortable.

In the "wah" category - I have to be in Phoenix for work for Colleen's last homecoming as cheerleader and potentially as homecoming queen. Whom to let down? Double wah. (PS - is whom correct?)


I probably would have replaced them also. She was diligent about saving up for the first pair and she wasn't careless. She sounds like a good kid.


Likely, I'd have bought them for her in the first place - in five colors. And my daughter would probably be a-w-f-u-l.

Seriously, I think replacing them was a good thing. Let's her know that you have her back when the world acts ugly.



Kim B

Bummer about the shoes! I'd probably have replaced them- but I'd also have her change the lock/combination and tell her not to tell anybody the new combination!


I'm catching up on my blog reading . . .
What I did was wait until the sister's bat mitzvah and told them I'd buy them each a pair of Tom's of their choice for the Sat night dinner (the big party was immediately following the service) and she wanted the wedges, but didn't like how they fit. She ended up with the pink sparkly ones. She's in heaven.

I'd end up replacing them.


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