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April 13, 2012



That was awful. We are on the twice a year clean out from the city also. They raised their prices a few years back. They used to be cheap! But, it is better than yucky stuff in the basement.


I wish I had known you were dealing with this! We had the same problem when we lived on Beacon St. -- After our first "flood" we learned we needed to have Newton come out 2x/year. When we sold the house, we told the new owners so that they wouldn't have to learn-by-flood. Newton used to charge around $25; I'm guessing it's more now . . .


The city can't do our house because they have only a rigid cleaner-outer and we need the flexible one because of the way our sewer line is shaped. And yes, they charge $250 now! Still cheaper than a private plumbing company.


Oh, what a saga! Sometimes I think renting sounds okay, you know? Best of luck from here on out.

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