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May 07, 2012



This is a definite keeper in my "to make" file. Also: I've missed your recipe posts!


I know, and I've missed trying new recipes. Hopefully this will be the sign of more cooking to come?


Some other Wendy, no doubt.


Yum! Hey, if you're willing to do that much work on a weeknight (!), might I suggest a soufflé for your next meatless Monday? I was reminded last night about how relatively easy they are--and so yummy. This time, I tried an Ana Sortun recipe from her book Spice--in which the first step is to boil some diced eggplant (in salted water) and make a puree. Then you make a little white sauce, and add to it grated cheese, egg yolks, some spices (buy that fresh nutmeg!) and the puree. Finally you whip up the egg whites, fold it all together, and pop in the oven in a souffle dish for 20 minutes. That and a mixed green salad and done!


looks really great. can i make a request for photos with your recipes? (like you need more work)...

Shirataki Noodles

Nice recipe..love to eat this dish !!


I do like to include photos whenever I can, but I'm a lousy photographer, and this one just looked like a big pile of glop so I nixed it.

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