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May 29, 2012



Awesome. :)


Please tell me your ovens aren't Viking are they?


Yes, Viking, why?! The Yale guy said it would last 7-10 years, and we're already coming up on 11.


We love Yale Electric, and not only because of the warm chocolate chip cookies that seemed to come out of the oven just as we arrived during our many trips there for a home renovation a few years ago. A very patient and knowledgeable woman in the lighting department spent hours helping us choose fixtures and fans.


We have Viking. I could tell you as many stories about our wall ovens as you could about your washing machines.

I am currently awaiting my 3rd?, 4th? fix regarding the ovens self-clean feature. Every time I break down and brave running the self-clean in the ovens they either lock shut at the end of the cycle or they open, but the oven 'thinks' it is still in self clean and will not allow you to turn it on.

We have replaced the brackets several times on the doors in both kitchens.

We have had to replace the mother board in one because it caught fire and burned one night during a party. That smelled lovely.

We have had to replace several relays that have either stuck open or shut causing the oven to not retain or not reach proper temperature.

I could go on, and on and on. Ours are at 7 years of age.
This latest service, he will be coming Monday next, is to repair the latest problem with the self clean causing the ovens to believe they are still in self clean mode at over $600.00 in parts ALONE. Two months ago was the mother board at over $500.00. If I could I would rip them out and deposit them on the doorstep of Viking painted with a scarlet red F.


Oh, ugh, sounds like you got a lemon. :( Aside from the door hinges (we have the giant oven, and the door is HEAVY), our Viking range has been great. Come to think of it, the first time I used the self-cleaner, it blew a fuse (3 days before Thanksgiving when I was expecting 26 people!), but they fixed it and it's been fine since. Although I don't think I've used the self-cleaner 10 times in 10 years.... Good luck!

Sharon Hofmann

LL Bean is the best. Their customer service training should be used as a model in every company. Right before school began this past September I discovered that one of our backpacks had a faulty zipper. The woman at LL Bean shipped a replacement overnight on Labor Day weekend so we would have it for the first day of school.

Steve Sheinkopf

First thank you for the mention on your blog and Yelp. It is very much appreciated

Every appliance manufacturer has sporadic issues. This comment is for Jo. Who has been fixing them? Is it Viking or another independent?


Steve Sheinkopf
Yale Appliance And Lighting

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