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July 27, 2012



How high-falutin' does it need to be? If not so very, I highly recommend Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brodie detective mysteries -- The first one is Case Histories, and I just finished the fourth, Started Early, Took My Dog. Won't suggest the new Hilary Mantel, as I seem to recall you didn't much care for Wolf Hall, which I loved. I read a lot of nonfiction, which may not be what happens in your book group . . .


Is it a fiction-only group? Then "Gone Girl," Gillian Flynn's new book. I'll say no more; just read it.

If you're open to nonfiction, I can't say enough good things about "The Swerve," by Stephen Greenblatt, and "The Righteous Mind," by Jonathan Haidt. Both are guaranteed to generate lots of stimulating discussion--especially the latter.

P.S. I'm a Kate Atkinson fan but was disappointed by "Started Early..."


Wendy: I'm the only one in the group who wasn't blown away by Wolf Hall; I'm sure they'll all read the sequel, but not for book group. I will look into Kate Atkinson.

Nancy: I suggested Gone Girl last night! I keep hearing about it. We do switch off with nonfiction, so I'll take a look at the Greenblatt and Haidt.



Nonfiction: Escape from Camp 14 by Blaine Harden.

Fiction : 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. It's kind of a long slog - a little longer than I thought necessary - but I was so glad I finished it. It was published as 3 books originally; the eBook I read was the entire set.


I loved that BOOK!!! Right now I am reading YES CHEF by Marcus Samuelsson, and I am enjoying it. He was African born - adopted by a Swedish family and is a famous chef. I recommend it!


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