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July 24, 2012



What? You've never made salmon before?


The salmon sounds awesome - we're big salmon fans. My Meatless Monday meal is almost always a mushroom-veggie stir-fry, to use up the odds and ends of vegetables in the fridge. I usually serve it over quinoa instead of rice to get more protein.


I understand the bean thing is an issue chez toi, but we love the garbanzo chez nous. Mixed with some feta, black beans, and diced veg - delicious. Also, big big fans of the Quinoa. Will take on any flavor you add to it (e.g., lime juice).

Have you ever grilled portabello mushrooms and made burgers out of them?


Quite a few Mexican dishes features beans in an easy and fairly inoffensive way. My kids like burritos and quesadillas with some combination of refried beans, lettuce, rice, salsa, corn, and cheese. One of them loves guacamole while the other abhors it (although he likes jalapeños). If your kids like sauces, you can find Mexican casseroles like chilaquiles or enchiladas (mine don't do sauces). And their favorite, of course, is nachos with refried beans, although we don't do that too often.


Another idea: My kids LOVE the golden sesame tofu from Whole Foods. The good news is that you can make it for much less at home, and it's even better. It takes a while to prepare and disappears instantaneously, but it might make a nice component of a meatless Monday meal. (You can find the recipe by googling "whole foods golden sesame tofu recipe"--I'm not sure which version we use.) You would want to cook at least a double batch--the leftovers are great, too!


I know, I know, broken record here, but there is no need to worry about protein for one meal a week. Americans consume WAY more protein than they need to. That said, the fried egg sandwich, on toast, with a little mayo, tomato, lettuce, sliced red onion, maybe a peperoncini or two, is a big hit around here. Also v. popular: a saute in a little olive oil of parboiled sliced potatoes with greens (kale or chard, usually), a clove or two of garlic and couple of tomatoes, diced, with some Parmesan or Romano.


I make stuffed shells with sausage, but I use cottage cheese instead of ricotta, following a recipe I saw on Frugal Gourmet years and years ago. IT just sort of melts together with the grated mozz and parm and doesn't have the graininess I don't like in ricotta. I've used Penzey's sausage seasoning to give a meaty flavor to veggie Italian dishes before, like veg calzones...I wonder if you substituted cottage cheese and some sausage seasoning in your filling if you and the troops would like it better? Or just use the sausage on one of the other six days of the week some night:) PS - Love the kitties and their names!


Thanks for salmon recipe! Does your family not like the burrito beans of yours, that I got from this blog years ago?! In our house, one child does not like beans, so he has cheese & rice & lettuce in his tortilla, with cut veggies on the side and it's a decent meal. (The rest of us have avocado & salsa, too.)

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