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August 20, 2012



What's up with all the protagonists named Amy? Not just in these two novels, but in current movies and TV shows, too.

P.S. Glad you enjoyed "Gone Girl"!


Huh, I didn't even notice that!

In "Gone Girl," Amy's parents had a series of miscarriages and stillborn babies, all girls, all named Hope. When they finally had a healthy, live baby girl, they named her Amy "because it was a regular girl's name, a popular's name, a name a thousand other baby girls were given that year, so maybe the gods wouldn't notice this little baby nestled among the others" (p. 221).


Not really my genre either, but I loved James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux series. Especially his novels that are set in Montana. I think my husband has read every one of his novels.


I'm reading Gone Girl right now and it's really hard to put down.


Believable plot? seriously? hmmm. I guess I must be the odd person out, since I thought the characters were over-the-top and the ending contrived and unbelievable. I did like the first part of the book, and I've liked her previous books, but this one was just too much at the end.

I like James Lee Burke!


I didn't love the ending, but I did love everything leading up to it. I'm not sure I can imagine an ending I would've been satisfied with, frankly.

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