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September 23, 2012



I'm kind of smirking here...over the years I always remember you being critical of SUV drivers/owners...and I always had one, felt I needed one....and here you are now owning one - I got rid of mine last month after 15 years of driving SUV's...and now am driving a Nissan car...I miss my SUV though!


Well, I am still critical of those giant gas-guzzlers, especially when owned by people who could easily get by with someone considerably smaller. This SUV is in fact smaller than a minivan and the mileage difference is a whopping 1 mpg. Anyhow, someday I hope to be back into a sedan, once I'm done carting kids around! I'm dreaming of a Mini Cooper. :)


Happy and Safe Driving. I am sure that you will be writing about how much YOU love the car!

And no place to put coins? I guess where those engineers live, they have FAST LANE and meters that accept credit cards!

Chris Hughes

Congrats K! Nothing like a new car to elevate your mood. For a few weeks, anyway. Huge Honda fan, hope you like it, and may it last 200,000 trouble free miles. Next, we need to get you thinking about two wheels...

The coin thing - you progressives up in NE still actually have to stop at a toll booth and deposit coins? Don't you know what that is doing to the ice caps? Hello.....toll tags?



Ha ha, yes we do have a Fast Pass for tolls, but we also have these things called PARKING METERS -- although they're starting to get rid of them and replace them with those computerized things, which are a pain in the butt in my opinion.

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