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September 04, 2012



I don't read a lot of Anne Lamott, but I think I'd love to know her and go out for breakfast fairly often. Of course, I think that about you once in a while, too.

I LOVED the Intro to Editing bit -- I'd so like to take that class. Although I'm a lawyer -- it might be hard for me, despite my mastery of the em-dash and semicolon.

Aren't the Avett Bros. just the cutest things ever?


Oh, I forgot to ask! I am too dumb to figure out what you mean by the title of the post.


I've been doing posts on "My Favorite Things" for a few months now -- began with Raindrops on Roses, then Whiskers on Kittens, etc. etc. Next up: Crisp Apple Strudels.


Yes, indeed! Schnitzel mit Nudeln comes next, I think?


Yup, right after "Door Bells and Sleigh Bells."

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