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September 06, 2012



Since I'm an Obama supporter, can we just agree to agree?


Yes, yes -- now THAT's the ticket! Thanks :)

Rachel K

Me too, me too! I LOVED Clinton's speech! I can't get enough of that guy. Re-elect Clinton!!!!! LOL. Seriously, I really hope Obama wins. Romney and Ryan scare me.


No arguments from me. We need more Bill Clintons in politics.

Tonya Watkins

It's been such an uplifting political week (compared to last week!) Bill Clinton is a rock star! And there were so MANY excellent speakers -- I adore Elizabeth Warren -- and Sandra Fluke and Tammy Duckworth.

I totally agree with you -- I have no desire to engage with people who view the world as an alternate universe.


I didn't see Warren, but I'm already in love with her. (And Kirsten Gillibrand). Bill was an inspiration. Nobody does it like he does. He's amazingly talented. Biden did a decent job (I was mainly hoping he didn't make any gaffes and crossing my fingers that he didn't lie as much as his opponent did last week). The president was good, too.


I too thought Clinton's speech was brilliant, and I liked several of the other speeches at well. But it was a smaller, less-flashy moment that brought a lump to my throat. It came during the pro-forma roll call of nominations from state delegations. MSNBC was cutting back and forth from the studio to the convention floor, and the camera happened to capture the beaming Hawaii delegates in their bright aloha shirts. Their spokesman said they were proud to nominate "our keiki o ka aina, Barack Obama."

The Hawaiian phrase literally means "child of the land," and translates idiomatically to "local boy."

So much expressed in a single sentence.

Chris Hughes

Hi Karen, great writing as usual. I will follow your instructions and agree to disagree.

Your conservative friend and fan in Texas,



You summed up my beliefs and feelings almost exactly! Thanks for articulating them so well!!!

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