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December 28, 2012


Debby Iken

Hi Karen,
I know exactly what you're saying. The smell is so strong, that I too feel nauseous and dizzy when I'm in there.
Happy New Year to you.


indian food is a personal favorite. I don't see how anyone could not like it.


First time I stepped into Abercrombie I was stunned by the same. How can it be good business, if those who hold the credit cards cannot tolerate being there? Then I realized the brilliance of it: I've said "Yes, buy it!" just to get out of there. But I also wondered what the environment does to the kids working there.


Amen on the A & Fitch...was dismayed to see a young shirtless man standing at the entrance last year, holding a bottle of cologne. He looked to be about 16, to me. Ridiculous.

Has Pete tried H&M? My oldest is going to check it out since he wants to start dressing "cooler".


H&M is a great suggestion. Their clothes are inexpensive (and some are cheaply made), but one can do well there for stylish pieces. Though a lot of their stuff is too young for me.

Speaking of which - there are few things as sad and pathetic as seeing a 45-year-old gay guy in a sleeveless Abercrombie T-Shirt... in public.


p.s. - I love the cheap, fatty, fried Chinese food in mall food courts. But I try to eat it in an out-of-the way corner where no one can see me.

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