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January 02, 2013



Having also read all of the Reacher books... Andy's reservation is the EXACT reason why my wife and I have been unable to even consider seeing the film.



I have it on good authority that Cruise isn't even 5'7".


The muffins sound suspiciously similar to Marion Cunningham's superlative Cinnamon Butter Puffs, from her outstanding The Breakfast Book. They are delicious. If these turn out to be a bit different, well, all to the good. Tom Cruise was pretty good in Rain Man, but I have no extra left over for the Scientologists. Plus men my age who marry women who are barely out of high school gross me out, too.



My husband was also appalled that Tom Cruise was playing Jack Reacher. What were they thinking?

Jonathan Arnold

Yup, I too was unbelieving about Cruise as Reacher, although I found my "Reacher" limit in the books to be about 6 or so. I started when the first one came out and can't believe there are now 16(!) of them.

But these muffins look delish.


Happy New Year! Just writing to say hi and to let you know that I'm thankful for your continued blog presence. I haven't blogged in years but I love that when I check in to see how you and your famiy are doing, you're still reliably here and all doing well!
P.S. I just went in a Hollister around the holidays for my 14-year-old niece and found it just as dark and smelly as you describe A & F! It felt like I should be hanging out at the register with a beer rather than peering at price tags trying to aim them at a light.


Jon and I enjoy the Jack Reacher books too. I was going to protest the movie totally, but the men in the family won out and I acquiesced. I enjoyed it once I shut up about the physical issues.


I wasn't really interested in the Jack Reacher movie (I'm not familiar with the books, but it just wasn't on my radar). It seems like people are having a good time at it, so who am I to argue? I'll have to put this on my "to see" list.

The muffins sound excellent. I am clipping this.


are muffins also cupcakes?

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