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May 29, 2013



Karen--thanks for the recipe! Also, have you ever used the Paprika app? I have put almost all my recipes in it because you can play with quantities and it does the math for me. I really only use it for that because the math part confounds me. The other good thing about it is you can copy and paste the URL from most recipe sites (epicurious and others) and it formats the recipe for you. So, a double-bonus! You can add your own notes too in the edit function (ie. for Pete).


Gonna try this!


Funny--I actually just made this for dinner, but I used a recipe I had found on Pinterest a while back that I now see is the exact same recipe as yours. I thought the steak itself was great, but I wasn't that nuts about the ramen noodles or the sauce. I think if I make it again, I'll make the meat as directed, but use another recipe for something more like good ol' noodles with sesame sauce. (Now that I re-read your post, I see that Pete and I agree!)

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