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May 01, 2013


Lori B Gans

Very sweet. And happy birthday, Pete!


Funny that you still think of yourself as 27 or 28. I'm 35 and can't believe I'm a day older than 28. Must be something about that age.


I can't believe I have a daughter who will be a senior in college next year. She's still 2 years old in my mind. How did this happen?


I look at my hulking great boys, and I put it down to being a child bride. That's how you and I can continue to be 28 as long as we like . . .


Let me just say it: I love you! And I'm sorry I won't be visiting Boston this summer.


Happy belated on all counts! It's been a pleasure following along.


51 rocks! I just turned 39, which will undoubtedly be my very last birthday, even though 39 still sounds and feels ancient to someone who will always be 14 inside. Happy birthday to all of the Wises and the blog!


Happy belated all around! It's always a pleasure visiting here.

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