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June 09, 2013



Good for you! Sounds like an amazing and perfect weekend!!! Btw, we just went to that little park in Portsmouth a few weekends ago, and there was a little garden in the park filled with a bunch of some sort of flowering trees. They were just dropping their petals and it was one of the loveliest places ever, completely covered with millions of white petals. I love Portsmouth :)


I would have been so pleased to have been at that concert. It's about the best double bill I have ever heard of.


As soon as OCMS came out to join the Avetts for the encore, my first thought was, "Wait till Wendy hears!" :) It was as if they were all just standing around in a barn somewhere making music without the 8000 of us watching.


I'm trying really, really hard not to seethe with envy, and simply to be glad with and for you. Mostly -- but not entirely -- successful.

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