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September 13, 2013



I really, really liked The Burgess Boys, too. I'm not a big recommender of books, mostly because people like such different things that my track record is too spotty -- and also because I read more nonfiction than a lot of people -- but that one, I have pushed a bit. I'll check into Beautiful Ruins. Thanks.

Algot Runeman

Watch out. If you tell me I "must read" a book, I get very nervous. I have too many in my to-be-read stack as it is. But the way you slid away from the admonition, I'll consider it.

Whenever I look for an older book, I also check to see if it is listed from Better World Books. It also happens to be in the town where my aunt and uncle used to live and I have fond memories of visiting them and reading when I wasn't playing with my cousins. Good stuff all around.

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