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October 20, 2013



Sounds like it was a blast! My husband is from Providence, and is a huge Red Sox fan. I thought he was going to pop an artery when that grand slam happened. Can't wait to see the series - mostly because it's so fun to watch with him.

I agree with you, though - baseball is definitely better in person!

Rachel K

I am so with you- I cannot stand McCarver!!!!! I hate how Orsillo and Eck can't do the commentating because of the whole network thing. At least for the Boston games they should be able to do it. Wow, have fun on Wednesday night. I am soooo jealous!


How fun to use that Tagoramic thing. I think I found you all. I don't even want to talk about the levels of baseball jealousy we've got over here. But happy anniversary, belated, to a child bride.


I found you guys! How cool!

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