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November 19, 2013



Sounds like they could have used a good copyeditor to get that salt thing straightened out!


I make this, too -- I have her Mr. Latte book. How do you feel about "suchlike"?


Looks good. I will have to try it now. I don't understand why we don't use scales for measuring things like salt. It's not as though an electronic scale is expensive. It's a lot cheaper than most good kitchen equipment and a lot smaller. I have a tiny scientific one I use mostly for coffee and for baking.

Anyhow, thanks for the technique!


I like "suchlike" and I'd never heard of "somesuch," but I think we do need words to convey intentional ambiguity that is also easily understandable. It's important how they are used, not that they exist. Obviously, overuse is a problem. But here I am seeing a decent use that is absolutely clear to me.


Instead of "somesuch" I usually would use, "the like."

As in: Use 100% Organic or all-natural, and not Purdue or the like.

And as I am a heathen, I will probably make this with Perdue or the like at some point. Until I get a chicken farm of my own, or a generous chicken farming neighbor.


Yes, bakers weigh out everything, even water! I work with some cookbook authors who include weights as well as volume measurements for all ingredients in all recipes, not just baked goods. And I do use my kitchen scale whenever I can—it's so much more precise.

I say "the like" too.

There's been so much in the news lately about salmonella-contaminated chicken that I feel as though it's worth the extra few bucks to get organic/natural (not that that guarantees safety, but I appreciate the few extra rules and regulations that had to be followed). And I do find that the meat is tastier.

Regardless, do try this recipe as it is REALLY good.

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