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December 26, 2013



Oh gollee -- although it's much less Oedipal (I think), I can remember using 2 VCRs (in the olden days) to make *Toy Story - The Mommy's Cut*, in order to excise all the sinister Sid stuff. My son never even noticed the weird jumps in the plot. And yes, that's another great Simpsons episode. Also, remembering how anorexic Christian Bale has been in the past, I am having a hard time visualizing the paunch. I had better go see this flick.
And we all cooked a good deal of the day, and ate rack of lamb WHICH I COOKED JUST RIGHT!!! Such a coup! And my Linzertorte was a triumph. Ahhh.


My son, who has seen The Sound of Music approximately 9,947 times, or rather, the first half of The Sound of Music 9,947 times, still has no idea what happens after the intermission: no Nazis, no confrontation in the driveway, no scary gun chase after the folk festival. And similarly, one day we watched this great movie called Away We Go, and sure enough, there was a family in the movie who did exactly the same thing.


Definitely go and see Silver Linings Playbook. It was quite interesting. I'll see if I can get out to see American Hustle. Nice review.


First, I could've used a "spoiler alert" on the Frozen thing, lol. Second, my kids mock me to this day for not letting them watch The Lion King when they were very young. I was afraid that some of it would be too upsetting for them. And finally--I nearly hyperventilated when I read that you had never seen one of Bradley Cooper's movies. I love him!

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