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January 31, 2014



We use word of mouth, Bookmarks magazine, and reviews from other publications to compile a list of possibilities to discuss/vote on. We look at the length of the book and whether or not we've just read something in that genre. If you haven't already read Roundhouse by Louise Erdrich, I would highly recommend it! The Orchardist and The Language of Flowers were other recent favorites. We just finished The Boys in the Boat(non-fiction); our reactions were mixed. I loved it, but then I'm very interested in crew and the University of Washington. (my alma mater)


My book group has disbanded because of babies, but when we were meeting we had a process by which the host would offer a short list of books - often presented with descriptions - and we would choose by consensus.

We had a very diverse group of people which made both book selection and discussion very interesting.

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