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January 08, 2014



For some reason, the biscuit on top of ravioli thing sounds weird to me, but I am intrigued by the ravioli lasagna. You don't spend much time in that linked post above talking about how much you and the kids like it. I'm guessing that because you didn't make it again, it was good but not fantabulous?


It does somehow work; there isn't a lot of the baked poofy part, but it makes the whole thing hold together nicely. Maybe you could think of it as an upside-down thick-crust pizza? (With pasta? Maybe not.) One of the commenters said it was like lasagna with garlic bread on top, but since I couldn't be bothered sautéing that small amount of garlic, I can't chime in on that.

You're right that we must not have LOVED the earlier ravioli pie, although I can't imagine why not. It really is just like a cheater's lasagna. I think the choice of meat and ravioli flavors would matter a lot.

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