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January 28, 2014




coincidentally, we are doing the EXACT SAME THING in the boys' bathroom. They had a bathroom between their rooms only accessible from their rooms, and in addition to being the only used bathroom of two teen boys--it also had very little venting so there was MOLD and STENCH everywhere. SOOOO gross. So now it is all gutted and the workmen come at 7:45am and they are loud and there is plaster dust everywhere and each morning around 9am they come down and say "Well, we have another little problem". Old houses are beautiful to live in but suck for renovating. What, the joists have all been cut into? What, there are random wires that are in the floor that now have to be capped? Hello another hole in the kitchen ceiling. I go to Home Goods to get away from it and look for mirrors and shelving to put up when they're through. Which they said would be 6 weeks so I'm prepared for 3 months. Will be great when it's done though! And they boys (who are at college) will be so appreciative...umm, NOT.


Oy! Our girls have that kind of bathroom, so when I need to pee in the middle of the night, I either have to barge in on one of them sleeping or go up to the third floor to Pete's attic lair or go down to the mudroom. (Yes, I know we are lucky to have multiple bathrooms at all. Still. I'm old and don't do change well.) Good luck on your project!


Can't wait to see the "after" pictures!


After living through our renovation, I can tell you it was WORTH IT. And we did okay, minus a kitchen and bathroom. LOL. But it was worth it. Can't wait to see the finished photo.


Isn't that where Cliff and I got dressed for our wedding?


Yes! Well, you got dressed in the bedroom, but I'm sure you used that god-awful bathroom—and were gracious enough not to say a word about it! :)

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