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January 01, 2014



There's a Melting Pot in Seattle that I drive by every day on my way home from work, and I'm always eye-balling it. (Parking appears to be an issue, otherwise I'd drag John to it sometime—I may anyway). I remember visiting friends at Washington State University in Eastern WA back in the '70s and we would go to this awesome fondue restaurant. I still have my old '70s-era electric fondue pot that I haven't used in ages (in Coppertone!) I need to haul it out and play!


I glanced at the menu and it is NOT cheap, but it does sound like fun for an occasional splurge. (I don't think it's the sort of thing you'd want every week anyhow!)


I make a cheese fondue every year for New Years-using my mom's old fondue pot, which she received as a wedding gift. . .50 years ago. Yes, it's electric, and yes it still works!!, although I try not to think about the 1963 chemicals proving its lovely non-stick interior. It's avocado green- just what you'd picture- and we love the New Years fondue tradition. Welcome to the club, and happy New Year!


They have one of those Melting Pot restaurants at the mall in Providence. For raw meat that gets cooked in broth, I go straight to phở. But that chocolate is something I could get behind!


There's a Melting Pot in Tacoma too (not just Seattle) and it's delicious but EXPENSIVE. The cheesecake squares are wonderful to dip. I have at least 3 fondue pots at school. I prefer the cheese to the chocolate, but it's tricky to make without the white wine.(frowned upon at a high school)

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