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January 16, 2014



I read that Gillian Flynn (author of Gone Girl) is writing the screenplay and the last third of the movie is completely different from the last third of the book. We'll see!


Interesting! I almost added to that entry something like, "assuming the ending is the same," but I couldn't even imagine that they'd change it! We'll see, indeed!


I must share this list! I have read gone girl, the fault in our stars and unbroken. Loved them all! Gone girl was good, but I wanted more, so I bet they can pull that off in theater!


John Green posted this today about the TFIOS movie:


Sounds promising, no?


#5 - liked it a lot, though the initial premise of having all four of them meet was a bit far-fetched. After that, very good read.

#7 - just finished it! Very good, can't wait for the film.

#11 - just downloaded it to my Kindle to start tonight.

Thanks for sharing - I trust your judgement in books and food : )


Okay, finished #11, "This Is Where I Leave You" in a single sitting.
It's...not very subtle. We get it, dude, every encounter is about some dewy-eyed chick and how it makes your penis feel. And your penis misses your wife.
In other words, every encounter, every passing glance at a woman, every RELATIONSHIP with a woman (including his mother) inevitably relates to sex. Somehow. (And not sex with his mother, but his mother's sexual relationship with his late father and her new (spoiler) lesbian relationship with a family friend.)
Seriously, Karen - EVERY. SINGLE. CHAPTER. Practically every single paragraph.


Oops, just re-read the entry and see that you loved it!
I got his agita and the emotional turmoil; that's what kept me reading. And I found the Horry-adjacent story interesting, too.

I just..with the constant...didn't realize how pervasive it was until the next day - and it hit me, "Man, ALL THAT was pretty present throughout...".


Aw, sorry you didn't like it! You're the first one I know who didn't. :(


Really liked Serena. The whole Divergent trilogy was baaaaad. Wild reminded me of Eat, Pray, Love.


I read A Long Way Down with my book club. I hardly remember it if that says anything. Nick Hornby is quirky in a way I like but doesn't go much deeper than that for me.

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