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February 20, 2014


Cathy Clark

I'm going to vote for Clark. :)


Very exciting! You're so lucky that she wants to stay close to home!


Melissa is a Simmons grad, and the internships she got as a student opened doors after graduation. She didn't participate much in campus life, (she lived off campus with me) so I can't tell you much about student social life. A degree from Simmons is certainly respected by local businesses, though. Sounds like Steph is looking at some great places!


Keep in mind that the colleges in the consortium may not make ALL of their classes available to students from the other colleges. My son goes to Berklee College of Music, which is a member of the Pro Arts Consortium, and he found that the selection of classes available from the other colleges in the consortium was limited (and of little use to him). Your mileage may vary, of course. You can check out the class selection online to get a feel for whether cross-registration would actually be useful.

 Association Theological Schools

Thanks for sharing your college search journey. Admissions tours are a great way to get a sense of life at an institution. Taking notes is important.

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