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April 29, 2014



So jealous. I need to make a point of going to DC soon to see the Newseum.


Love DC! Sorry to hear you were not feeling well. Hope it is dealt with once and for all. Enjoyed reading your travel updates. I've cried as well at those monuments. Very moving.


We loved the Newsweum. I would say that kid #2 was too young but she made the best of it. She tried doing a kid recording of the broadcast five times, and it was lost in cyberspace each time! The employees could not figure it out!

A great museum! My inlaws liked the Berlin Wall and the FBI exhibit (which I had to leave since it wasn't age appropriate for the little one).


I've never been to DC, and didn't even know about the Newseum—I would absolutely love it!


I'm loving the travel blogs! I've only been to DC once as an adult, and only had time around a conference schedule to do anything. I squeezed in as much as I could, but I missed so much. I'm hoping to go back soon. You should travel and report back to us more often!

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