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May 20, 2014



Typepad has been unreliable; I finally got my e-mail notifications back, for about a week. Now they appear to be gone again. :( How about yours? My older daughter used to be vegan; it was a LOT of work and money. She also was way too thin, in my opinion.

Algot Runeman

Frankly, it seems wonderful that you are having "a "two steps forward, one step back" kind of recovery". Some are forced into a purely prone-to-supine activity.

Rapid and durable recovery to you.


Algot, I know you're right, but it's depressing when I have a great day and think I'm FINALLY on the mend only to have that followed by a bad day.


Thanks for the nice roundup of recent titles. I'm especially interested in MR's Egg book. :)

Hope your sciatica is better soon.

Beth F

Oh cool! Thanks for sharing these. So fun to see what you worked on. I love Michael Ruhlman and haven't see the egg book yet ... adding it to the ridiculous cookbook list I keep.

Sciatica is no fun at all, hoping it will ease up.

Couscous & Consciousness

What a great selection of books. I'm a huge Michael Ruhlman fan, so Egg is definitely on my wish list.

Hope your sciatica improves eventually. I know from personal experience just how brutal it can be, and it seems to take a long time to have more good days than bad days.


The egg book looks great. My friend has a small flock of various birds and she uses eggs are currency. i do her a favour and she pays me in eggs.

i have Robin's ONe Dish Vegan and it's one of the best cookbooks I own and we're not even vegan.

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