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June 27, 2014



I was in Argentina in 1978 just after the country hosted and won the "Copa Mundial", so that will always be my favorite team--and now it's my son's favorite team (after the US).


Our whole family bought Croatian shirts and watch game one, Croatia Brazil, in an outdoor bar in Zadar two weeks ago. When Croatia scored, the whole country cheered. I'll never forget it.


I think the clock is the best part of the game, always ratcheting up the tension. Ticking. Ticking. Ticking.

80% of the time, I know exactly how much added time there will be. Whether or not the referee tacks on a few (or forty) extra seconds here and there just amps the tension even more. Ticking. Ticking. Ticking.

I have seen some of the most wrenching results in games take place during that period of uncertainty. It can be maddening, but it is a unique part of the game, and one I would never want to see changed.

To quote Willy Wonka: "The suspense is terrible. I hope it'll last."

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