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July 30, 2014


Laurie C

I'm usually the same way about books and movies, and so I waited a few months after the DVD of the Silver Lining Playbook came out because I needed to read the book first. But I wasn't reading the book, so finally I saw the movie and loved it, and months later, still haven't read the book. I usually skip movies that are made from books that I love, unless the movie reviews convince me otherwise.

Danny Kammer

To name a few movies that equalled or were better than the book:

To Kill a Mocking Bird
Wuthering Heights
Catch 22
Marry Poppins
Gone with the Wind
Zorba the Greek
The incredible Lightness of Being
Being There
Lawrence of Arabia
The Maltese Falcon
The Princess Bride
The Summer of 42

I own most of these if you want to borrow them-
I have a slight advantage in choosing these films because I taught/teach a class at Northeastern called Fiction and the Movies.
My favorite being Zorba the Greek- for a remake.


Of those, the ones I’ve both seen and read are To Kill a Mockingbird, Gone with the Wind, Incredible Lightness of Being, Princess Bride, and Summer of ’42. I loved all of those books except for Incredible Lightness of Being, and I loved all of the movies! I think in all cases I read the book first, but now I can’t remember for sure. I think it matters a lot which is one’s first experience, because that shapes your impression of the characters. I never read or saw Zorba!

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