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November 19, 2014


MD Smith

I swear I love nothing more than plain roast chicken. Dry it in the frig, rub it down w olive oil, pitch it in the oven and in a while - ahhhh! The I taste a fancied up roast chicken and it's hmmmmm . . .

Peter Clapper

Roasted sweet potatoes are amazing...

Robin Shapiro

Would love to become adept at roasting!!!

Pat Jalbert-Levine

With the holiday next week, I'm already dreaming of the rich, steaming platter of roasted root vegetables that will accompany our family's turkey. In the past, we've had Brussels sprouts and cauliflower (with orange zest), but this year we'll be adding beets and sweet potatoes, and go the bacon route instead of the zest. Yum!


Roasted vegetables are the best. The flavors that come out in roasting would change how a lot of people view vegetables.


Roasted cauliflower sounds amazing!!!! We do alot of roasted veggies all together, but not one single one.

Naomi's favorite thing is roast chicken.

Would love to find out more about roasting vegetables and serving as a meal of its own.

dona England

I love a pot roast in the oven, but a roast chicken makes me feel so Ina!

Tonya Watkins

Roast beef! 500° oven, then reduce to 475° when you pop the roast in. Cook at that temperature for 7 minutes per pound (3 lb. roast = 21 minutes). Turn oven off and DO NOT OPEN IT for 2-1/2 hours. Perfection. Truly.

Karen Joseph

Roasted vegetables and roasted sweet potatoes are absolute staples in our house. I would love to learn more about roasting!

Stephanie P.

Love my recipe for roasted cauliflower with browned butter, sage, and linguine: http://www.instructables.com/id/Roasted-Purple-Cauliflower-with-Browned-Butter-Sa/

Kelly C.

Roasted root vegetables and roasted cauliflower are my absolute favorites. I like that you can add just about any herbs/seasonings and they come out delicious every time. I would love to learn more!


How exciting for you! And for your loving readers! I have never attempted a rack of lamb but this book might give me the courage to try. So glad you seem to have a steady stream of cookbook work.


I tried this http://benandbirdy.blogspot.com/2012/01/crack-broccoli.html and have never turned back. The pre-heated pan, very high heat and the secret ingredient (pinch of sugar) seem to work on other vegetables too.


My favorite thing to roast is spatchcocked chicken from Serious Eats; it comes out great every time and in less than an hour! Best smell ever.

Algot Runeman

I guess the next step is to plan to hold a roast for you! No ovens involved and just light humor.

Kelly W

This is on my Christmas list! Roast chicken. It is one of my boys' favorites that stretches into other meals - chicken salad, chicken soup, etc.

Beth F

I have my copy, but haven't yet reviewed it .... it's at the top of my list


Roast chicken&mashed potatoes my ultimate comfort food.


Favorites include roasted chicken, roasted root vegetables and a roasted rib of beef. We call the latter "roast beast" and it's become a holiday tradition.

Elizabeth C.

Roasted root vegetables can be so flavorful, yet so simple.

Carole from Carole's Chatter

I liked his book Twenty and also Egg. I'll order this one up from the library.

Janel @ Creating Tasty Stories

Winter has already settled in here in Michigan. It's the roast everything season for me! Would love to win a copy of this book. Thanks for doing the contest.

Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

I love roasting and would love to be better at and get a little more inspiration. It's such a perfect winter food and is so often naturally healthy. Thanks for sharing!

Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories

Oh yum. I at roasting chicken for Thanksgiving and have yet to try roasted cauliflower though i hear its so good! Stopping by from Weekend Cooking!


And the winner is ... Janel from Michigan! Congratulations!

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