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June 07, 2015



Oh, man. Really sorry to hear this, Karen, and you'd better mind steps and curbs and cat toys to keep yourself orthopedically healthy! I know first-hand how painful sciatica (and a blown disc) feels. The pain is unholy. I hope Andy finds relief really soon.

Lori B. Gans

Oh no, what a nightmare for all of you (especially you, Karen!). So sorry for all your family's aches and pains. It must have killed Andy to miss Steph's graduation. Hopefully you'll all find a way to laugh about it all once you're all feeling better. YOU, though, had better start taking some serious calcium pills.....


Unreal hand you've been dealt. But as my daddy says the luck goes around the table, so maybe after some time....I am hoping for you. And sending best love.


ANOTHER disc? Gosh, that is terrible news, and I hope all of you feel better pronto. Congrats to Steph; we are off to the grad party of Sam's best friends since Ages 1/2 in a couple hours.

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