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June 29, 2015



I planted my herb garden several years ago, and it comes back and gets bigger & better every year. I have to re-plant basil, parsley, and rosemary every year, but the others come back on their own. They're like "old friends" that reappear every spring. :) My parents lived in a row house in Philadelphia in their later years, and so they only had the tiniest strip of soil next to their little driveway. But my father grew some incredible vegetables back there! (Even some corn, as I recall.) You can indeed do a lot with a little garden!


My father had the greenest of green thumbs—people used to come from all around to see his magnificent flowers, and he also had a very productive vegetable garden. I did not inherit his gardening talent!

Gary Greenberg

Gardening is a wonderful hobby, particularly if you love cooking, like I know you do. I have yet to get my kids interested in gardening, but we all love the produce we get from my relatively small garden. Let me know if you find a good book on how to keep those pesky rabbits and chipmunks from over-eating from the garden! :) Full disclosure, I never had a green thumb until recent years... I tend to be too busy to read and learn, so I've been doing and learning... hoping for my first successful heirloom tomato harvest... so far so good, and Hannah will be watching the plants while we're in France this summer, so fingers crossed we are eating big uglies late summer/early fall!

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