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July 06, 2015



I loved The Boys in the Boat because it had a lot about Washington State history and the dreadful conditions during the Depression.That made all the descriptions more interesting to me. My dad enjoyed it very much too since he was alive during that time.Its message of overcoming obstacles was also timely.I graduated from U-Dub and have been in that crew house several times.(for parties and not to row, but still...) In other words, I have a personal connection, especially since one of the "boys" was from Puyallup!


I was never once bored or felt I was slogging through Boys in the Boat, but I am also a Washington girl, and a UW graduate, and I used to work at the place where the Pocock family has entrusted the plans and legacy of building Pocock shells. I think many of us in the PNW have been thrilled to have this piece of our history so well told. The sister boat to the shell that raced in the Olympics is here in Port Townsend, and is being lovingly restored by a women's over-50 crew.


*nor* felt I was slogging...

Algot Runeman

Thanks for the recommendation of Boys in the Boat. Now on my TBR list.

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