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August 05, 2015



That seems like not very much sausage. And no eggs to bind the cheese? Also, maybe let the zucchini drain more if it was too soupy?


I love my inspiralizer. I'm crazy enough to have 2 - and the one from sur la table works better than the one from Inspiralize, but don't tell her I said that. The best thing I ever made was summer squash with cheese and bacon. Or spiralized beets with a brick of baked feta in it. I think that recipe is in Skinnytaste, The Inspiralized blog has a lot of good ideas. The best recipes are those that are just lightly sautéed. (also try spiralized sweet potatoes baked with oil, cumin and cayenne. I could go on and on!


I refuse to accept that spiralized zucchini or whatever is an acceptable replacement for pasta.


I have a spiralizer. I just... make zoodles and eat them with tomato sauce or pesto. I'm not very imaginative, I guess. And for Elena, above, I'm sure if you eat normal semolina pasta, zoodles are a lackluster substitute. If you're gluten-free and don't eat regular pasta anymore, well, it's not too bad. ;)

John Rahimi

The vegetable spiralizers are the best!


I guess I live under a rock because I've never even heard of this thing! But I do see zucchini noodles popping up all over the cooking blogs these days, I guess I just assumed people were noodleizing them with a vegetable peeler :). Looking forward to trying this, the English toasting bread and the oven fried chicken when summer's over and I'm back in cooking mode again.

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