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December 21, 2015



We loved the movie, and I also couldn't tear my eyes away from Saoirse Ronan. She was perfect for this role. I hadn't read the book, but I thought that the big decision when she went back to Ireland was very tenuous and could have gone either way. I was on the edge of my seat, knowing which way I wanted it to go, but not at all sure that it was going to turn out as I hoped. Do you think it's worth reading the book, then, after one has seen the movie?


Nice job sneaking an Avett Brothers reference into the post title!


There was a nice interview on Fresh Air with Saoirse Ronan quite recently. Dang, that name is hard to spell.


The two things going on in the book are:
1. Eilis is less sure of her feelings for Tony—you almost get the feeling she’s thinking, “Well, he’s really wonderful, and even if I’m not MADLY IN LOVE with him, I’ll still have a good life with him.”
2. Jim Farrell is MUCH more appealing (I didn’t think he was handsome enough in the movie), and she is MUCH more taken with him.
So, in the book you’re really not sure what she will/should do.
The book is short—I’d be interested to know what you think of it having already seen the movie, so please do read it as an experiment. :)


Several times I typed “(Take Me In)” and deleted it; couldn’t decide how heavy-handed I needed to be!


Yes, I had to go back and listen to it after reading the book to remind myself how to pronounce “Eilis” for the book group meeting!

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